Things to do before shopping for a Fireplace, Stove or insert.

Starting from the beginning.  

1 If you do not have a Fireplace or Free Standing Stove, lets start with a location. Take pictures of where you would like the Fireplace or Free Standing Stove  to be installed and take pictures of the outside if the fireplace will be on an outside wall.

2 Decide if you want Gas, Wood, Pellet or Electric, the venting (if any) is different for each, take pictures of the room, draw a sketch with measurement to windows and doors. This will greatly help you Fireplace professional in guiding you to the right product.

If you have an existing Fireplace and want more efficiency.

1 You can get an insert that will fit into your fireplace and provide energy efficient heat for your home. Your options are Gas, Wood, Pellet, Electric or gas log sets . Prepare by taking measurement of the Fireplace opening, Height, Width, Depth and width in back.

2 Decide on gas, wood pellet electric or gas log set, now start to do your research. A good fireplace professional will appreciate clients that have done the research, bring in your questions and hours of time can be saved.

3 Our staff is happy to answer your questions, call or email 215 269 9900 or 

Other Inportant Information

1 Start with a budget, be prepared you may go over, it happens all the time. If you are considering buying a fireplace or hearth product on-line, BEWARE.... low price may not be that low when you add shipping and handling. Worse is that most manufacturers will not honor the warranty if not installed by a professional and you may not find someone to service the product. Shop Local it is best, you local pro will provide the best service at a fair price.