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FPX 3615 Linear Gas Unit FPX 4415 Linear Gas Unit FPX 6015HO Linear Gas Unit


FPX 564 High Output 564 High Output FPX 564 Ember Fire


FPX 564 Diamond Fire  Lopi 564 High Output FPX 564 Dancing Fire



         FPX 564 Space Saver    Lopi  564 Space Saver FPX 564 SS Clean Face


 564 Space Saver Lopi 564 Diamond Fire  564 Diamond Fire


 Bed & Breakfast TRV21 FPX Bed & Breakfast TRV21 Lopi Bed & Breakfast TRV21


Lopi 864 TRV FPX 864 TRV  864 TRV


 864 High Out Put FPX 864 High Out Put Lopi 864 High Output


864 High Out Put 864 HO Diamond Fire 864 TRV Standard


864 See Thru FPX 864 See Thru Lopi 864 See Thru


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We are no longer carry Regency Products.
It is our opinion that other products we sell offer better quality, more reliability and more realistic gas fires at competitive pricing.
Please come in and see all of our lines and made your own decision.